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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Prices are as follows:

Under 1000 Sq Ft Bungalow - - $59 exterior/$49 Interior

1001 to 2000 Sq Ft Bungalow - - $89 exterior/$79 Interior 

2 Storey Home - - $139-$179 exterior/$109-$159 Interior 

Walk Out or 3 Storey Home - - $229 exterior/$199 Interior

prices do not include GST

*for Commercial pricing please contact us!

Window cleaning is our bread & butter! Because it is our most popular service, we have become extraordinarily good at it. Our customers continue to tell us that they take so much pleasure in looking out a clean window... and we could not agree more!

What did they clean window say to the dirty window?

It's nice to see you!

At Gutters, Lawns and Windows, we believe in Professional Work for Affordable Prices. Because of this, if you are not 100% satisfied with the work we perform at your property let us know. We will gladly fix the issue at no additional cost to you!

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